Sunday, October 3, 2010

THE Leslie Hall - A Night Of Enchantment


What could be better than a surprise visit for the one you love AT a concert with THE Leslie Hall? I submit that NOTHING is better.

Leslie Hall is an amazingly hilarious performer, probably best known for her Gem Sweaters and Gold Pants. If you have not yet seen "Tight Pants/Body Rolls," I suggest you do so NOW.

I was going to be unable to go to her concert in B.R., which was originally on Wednesday of this past week, but it got moved to Thursday. Me, being crafty as a fox, took this as an opportunity to see the master at work AND surprise the boyfriend (oh yeah, I have one of those now...more on that later!) as he had planned to be there.

The concert was at the Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Thrift Store in Baton Rouge. I was hoping it would be a small venue (more Leslie Hall time for ME!) and it turned out to be just that. There was me, Trey, a couple of his friends, a few hippie-ish folks, some stranded Gaga fans, and a really...uh...unique opening act. They were...loud.

The store's performance area was pretty cool. They had decked out the walls with some select gem sweaters. It was precious. It turned out that Leslie Hall herself had been lurking around the whole time--she wasn't hard to miss because there weren't more than 50 people there. She was pretty normal in jeans and a cool shirt--a lot thinner than I thought she would be, actually. But I saw her eyes...and I kneeew... Trey pointed out that it was in fact her. I tried not to gush...but I was so excited ya know?

We ended up approaching her as she set up her swag table. I told her I was a little emotional because I was a very big fan. She patted me on the back to help me hold back tears. Lol. We were totally joking around, but the three of us seemed to have kind of this natural humor between us. Yeah I know...I met her like, one-half time. But she just seemed so totally someone I would hang out with on a normal basis. Trey and I both had that to say about her.

Before Leslie started her set, Trey's friend Alli had bought one of the decorative sweaters from the store for herself, but had Trey wear it for the evening. More on that in a second.


And then LESLIE HALL APPEARED! Fully dressed and decked out as the "Leslie Hall" character we know so well.


The show was amazing and HILARIOUS. She really integrated a lot of video and improvisation into her set (albeit a shortened set). It was totally exhilarating.
Towards the end of the show, she asked a few of the bejeweled men in the audience to come forward for a dance contest. I screamed at her to pick Trey, who was quickly putting his hot sweater back on, and after she asked me if it was okay to borrow him, she snagged him up. Trey, along with two others, had to dance with Leslie for an unknown reward.




Trey, clearly being the most awesome dancer on stage, won by a very evocative landslide. He and Leslie made sweet sweet magic on the floor, with dancing that featured page turning, window washing, and various other domestic motions. She was all into it. His reward? A name for his sweater. YES!


She officially dubbed his rescued gem sweater "Parlor Mittens Lebanese Satchel."

After she ended the show, we got a pic with her, she signed some stuff, and I vowed to her that I would email her and tell her more about Labertha Jenkins, who I suspect would LOVE a collaboration with Ms. Hall...I suppose we will see where it goes next!
All in all, I had one of the most EXCITING nights of my life, and the COOLEST t-shirt and ink pen combo to prove it. Meeting Leslie Hall was like meeting Oprah for me. Haha. I just adore her...and being able to do so as a surprise for Trey made it so much nicer.

For more photos, check out this.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Perler Beads are ADDICTIVE!


I got a hold of a butt ton of Perler Beads (Fusion Fun, etc. There are several brands.) And these things are SOOOO much fun. It has been taking up a lot of my office hours lately. If you check, you will find some pretty epic work - things like portraits and large, complex illustrations by some people with a LOT of time on their hands.


Aren't these adorable? I'm really gravitating towards computer-related content. The floppys are just great to me. And I love the broken image icon. Any suggestions? I want to do some really unique stuff. The deviant site is INUNDATED with Nintendo and Pokemon works. I did make a gold coin, to hang in my car...but I was thinking more along Scott Pilgrim. I'm trying to steer clear of Mario haha. It's just too easy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Who Is Labertha Jenkins?


Who is this bitch!?
Labertha Purell (yes, like the hand sanitizer) Jenkins is...well...many things. She is, contrary to popular belief, NOT a drag persona, but a female persona. I portray her as a real woman, and not so much like a guy dressed as a woman. She is a hard-rapping, burger-slamming, plate crushing chick from the hood. She is first and foremost a musical performer and food enthusiast.

Labertha sort of manifested herself first when I was in high school. Back then, she represented the large vocal black women in my life. She was older, religious, and fatter. She was a choir singer (who wore her robe relentlessly), and she would pretty much take any song and make it 10 minutes longer with her "musical stylings." I mostly represented her in drawings.

Around my freshman year of college, Labertha had transformed into a slightly younger and tackier version of her former self. She was more of a standup act at this point. Through theatre, which was my major at the time, I brought her to the stage a couple of times in really bad/funny performances of comedy and music. I had written a song or two so far, but didn't really know where it was going to go. By this time I had grown a beard which, for personal and dermatological reasons, I hated shaving off. So Labertha PERFORMING was becoming a nuisance. She quietly slid away into the shadows for a few years.


Labertha was brought back after a break for a pageant that I and my fraternity brothers participated in. She won! She was still a bit more conservative at the time, but definitely younger. The following year, Labertha was asked to host the pageant. The year after that, Labertha co-hosted the pageant once again with the pageants previous winner.

By this time, I had been writing songs for her left and right. I still didn't have much time to fit her into my life, but people were expecting her--all the time. Somehow, she had been given her own identity and had garnered her own reputation. It was just so funny, because I had no desire to dress like a woman, or be a drag queen--but Labertha was just TOO much fun to write for. It was all about this angry black woman who had a love affair with food. It was during my writing that I discovered she was a culmination of my mother, various women from my neighborhood, Wanda Wayne (as portrayed by Jaime Fox on In Living Color), and many many more women and people in my life. I began work on an official album.


After about 2 years of writing, creating, working, and procrastinating, I finally am finished with a 13-track music album. I think that all the waiting will be worth it. Labertha is a part of me that I cannot refuse anymore. She is there when I need a laugh desperately. She is there when I need to feel stronger, or more aggressive. I never really thought of her as more than a persona, but truly, she has been there all along inside me. That doesn't mean I'm going to start dressing like her, or acting like her! is just nice to know that she has my back.

I plan to release the album on iTunes within the next month, so stay tuned!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living Single.

One of the great benefits to being both a bachelor and a wanna-be interiors designer is that your living space becomes a canvas--just for you!

I have over the past year been building, moving, rearranging, acquiring, scavenging, WHATEV--to get my place the way I want it. I am finally like, 98% there.



Designing a living space is incredibly fun, especially if you are as psychotically obsessive as I am. The first thing I needed to do was determine how much work was allowed to go into this. I rent, and the current plan is to be here for another year or so, so painting was really out of the question. Not so much because of the work in returning things to normal once I move out, but it just seemed like such a BIG thing to do for such a short period of time. Now that I think of it, I should have painted immediately when I moved in. Two+ years living in a space is worth the comfort, right? But now I have waited a year, and I cannot justify it. I digress.

So! Since I couldn't (didn't wanna) paint, I resorted to using color in other areas. The most obvious among them being large paintings, bedding, seating, and decorative items. I initially came into this with yellow chartreuse, chocolate brown, and a hint of orange/rust thrown in for fun. It TURNED IN TO rust and chocolate brown with the chartreuse as an accent...and later, EFFING DEEP TEAL BLUE!?? I HATE blue! I really do! I could NEVER use blue in my personal spaces. I dunno..It is such a cool color, and I think it throws off my chi or some shit like that. I don't know. You can tell that I adore the warm hues...definitely.


SO this teal took me by surprise. I didn't have any idea where it came from. It's a warm teal, however. Largely green with a twist of lime and a hint of age. (Look, I HAVE to describe colors like this. Blue isn't just blue, any more than red is just red. But I'll try to keep it in control. Haha.) And THEN I realized what had happened over the year.



This fabric slipped into my life, via an awesome little estate sale. I had about 2 yards of it. At the time, I didn't really think about what I had found. But a month or two passed, and I became obsessed with it. The truth is, EVERYTHING in my home has become accessory to THIS ONE PATTERN. The colors are pretty much directly from it, and the feel of my tchotchkes and whatnot. Everything draws inspiration from this little piece of awesome that I found.

The problem? IT WAS ONLY TWO YARDS! So I'm basically out of it. And I will never ever find it again. I have looked. I looked in Natchitoches. I looked in Shreveport. I looked in New York Effin City. It no longer exists. But I continue to lurk the yard sales every Saturday just to check. If anyone has any leads, LET ME KNOW!

It has gotten so bad that I have used it for other things as well. My artwork, my artist leave-behind, MY OFFICE! AAUGH! Lol. It' cool.



Also I hate green.

The next thing you are probably wondering about is a little addition I like to call Francis. Francis is a taxidermy 8-point buck that I found IN GOODWILL. Since I was like, age 11, I have wanted one. I am only just remembering this, but my grandmother had this really awful mounted squirrel...I used to play with it. Not like, GI Joe play with it, but like...I used to feel its fur, and wonder about who it used to be. Sure it was mildly creepy, but I was happy.


It also is sort of the culmination of my appreciation for all things obnoxiously masculine. It's obviously a tongue-in-cheek symbol of me, the biggest 'mo in all the land, and how I enjoy a life in which I am connected to my "machine-guns-chop-saws-hammer-sweat-steel-toe" side, just as much as I connect with my "nail-polish-drag-show-lady-gaga-glitter-n-stickers" side. To feature this animal head among pear-flavored jelly beans (that match!), faux orange orchids, a frame collage, and a big ass rusty couch is a decision that could only make sense if I were the one to make it.

Speaking of big ass couches. My couch is BIG! Too big. I built it earlier this summer, maybe a couple of months ago. I knew what I wanted, and I really did MAKE what I wanted. It just turns out that what I wanted isn't what made the most sense. SO, I have gone back to the drawing board, and I plan to (in the next week or so) disassemble this couch, and make a few adjustments to it (shortening the sides and the back, essentially.) It IS comfortable, I kid you not. But the scale of it just makes it look massive in my tiny apartment.


The couch is not the only thing I have made. I built my coffee table (this is the second, actually), I of course did the paintings and all that, I made my pillows (some from that kickass fabric), and I made my curtains. One of the first things I made is the headboard on my bed. It has been painted to look and feel like really dense dark wood. A part of me wants to slap a big white ampersand about a third over on it (in Neutra Bold, of course) BUT! We will see.

So! This is where I live. It is cozy and fun and totally me. Come over some time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



I cut my hair. Yesterday. It is sort of a big deal. For my non-black friends, this will be a learning experience. Haha.

I have relaxed my hair since the end of high school. Basically, using a chemical process, I straighten my hair and then style it, etc. As the hair grows, I have to touch up the new growth, just like when you dye your hair. It's essentially the opposite of perming, which is funny, because a lot of people still CALL it a"perm."

You can imagine that this process over the years can be kind of tiring. Sure, my hair might look really cool (haha)...but eventually the hair itself becomes damaged and blah blah blah. SO! Every other year I just kinda whack it off and start fresh again.


I've had my hair in its natural state before (really kinky curly. Some would call it "nappy" but that has such a negative connotation.) But...I think I am going to keep it this way. At least for one year. I have never just grown my hair out curly. Not for a while anyway. Before I began to straighten my hair, I just wore a shaved head.


My hair is kind of...I dunno. It's part of who I am. People are used to seeing me with my straightened hair, and I guess it is sort of unique (name 2 other black guys with straightened hair styled like a white boy. Go ahead. I'll wait.) So I am deviating from that for a while. I'm sure few will notice, but it has the potential to affect my confidence and the way I dress and see myself until I am comfortable with it. I literally can't get dressed and feel the same any more.

It's sort of exciting. I feel more masculine. It's inexplicable I know. I want to have this guy's hair eventually:


Yeah. I guess I kinda gotta work on looking cool too. At any rate, it will be nice to not have to sleep with scarves and wraps on my head, I can get wet and sweat whenever I want (I see workouts in my future!) and all of those things. It will be much easier not having to plan out an extra two or three hours to make sure my hair is drying properly, etc. It really is a LOT of work to keep it all together. BUT...I've never seen my hair, like, REALLY seen it. So I think it is all worth it. I've already decided...but I have to continue to look forward to it, and not get caught up in growing the length of it. It will be healthy and awesome! It will just take some time. For now, I'm stuck with this.


Friday, July 23, 2010

2 Hearts


Love is a sick and ugly thing. I know this. I have felt it a few times...each time a different way. That's the thing with love...It is as indefinable as Art. Your love may be different from my love. You may require a different set of rules for your love than I do. And the cool thing, also the bad thing, is that there is no one who can regulate what is love and what isn't. If you feel love, you know it. You just do. It may not STAY love, but I for one prefer to think that it is in each of us...and maybe we get a taste if it every now and a bud deep in our chest. Conditions for blooming may appear proper at first, and you start to experience the warmth and the rapture of it...But I think that the petals can close once those conditions fade away. I think that this is perfectly natural. The thing to remember is that they will open again when the correct time comes along. Those of us who are lucky will get to experience what life is like when that flower can find no reason to close away again.

I know..metaphors about love and I don't know. A recent situation in my life has me being all reflective and appreciative that I have at least felt the start of love before.You have to be able to appreciate the valuable things in life like this. Regardless of how a love may end, appreciate the fact that you had it, because so many others don't get to.

I think I had love...or, at least it started to be that true deep love, last year. But...I knew deep inside of me that it wasn't ready to be love yet. I don't mean like, brother-love or sister-love...I mean like, marriage-love-you-forever-and-ever even-when-you-have-diarrhea-love. It takes a lot to get to that point--right? Maybe? I don't know. Who does.

Anyway, I got scared of whatever it was...and I listened to my gut even though I didn't really understand...and it was a very tough thing to do. It was a hard situation for a long time. Both of us came out on the other end of that situation better and stronger than ever.

I cannot say that I am ready to try for love fact, I would rather leave it alone for some collect myself and realign my ideas about it all. So, the weird thing is that sometimes it hurts. The idea that you maybe weren't good enough for love...or that your fears about love were more intense than anything else. There may have been some jealousy in there too--who doesn't want happiness and a friend and partner and lovebug and cuddle buddy!? BUT...Those who know themselves well enough, they just KNOW when the time is right to try again, and when there are other blocks in the way that have to be removed first.

I guess I am ready to start demolition. It will take a while, but I will get there. And there is no rush...never should be a rush to get to love. But...I will acknowledge (in secrecy) the small but building excitement waaay in the back of my heart. It waits. Maybe for a year. Maybe for 5 years...but I know that it will continue to wait for me.

Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts [HQ]
Uploaded by wonderful-life1989. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Summer in Louisiana is NOT a joke. It has been extremely hot, humid, and disgusting. I suppose it has effected my mood in ways I am beginning to notice. I have been crabby, bitchy even. Not myself. The weather, mixed with a lot of other feelings and blah blah blah...I need to remind myself of who I am. I let this blog go a little, but I am realizing that it will be a wonderful way for me to filter out more of my thoughts.

This is really a hello. A reintroduction to my blog if you will. I didn't quite get it off the ground before. I concentrated too much on structuring it instead of letting it flow a bit more freely from myself. No more!

So I'm back.

One thing always make me feel a little better. Popsicles. They really give you a little kick of yummy cold goodness. It kinda takes me back to when I was a kid. Go have a popsicle right now. Put a smile on your face and relaaaax. Back soon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Favorite Things: Volume One!

So it's been a little longer than expected since I blogged, but there is good reason! I have been busy. Lol. You know...with teaching school and whatnot. But here we are, at blog no. 5 and I thought it was time you get to know a little more about me. So here is an annotated list of some of my favorite things! In no particular order:

The Golden Girls
10: The Golden Girls
Yes. Those catty, horny, intelligent, fashion forward bitches are one of the biggest influences in my life. Not a day goes by that I don't reference, quote, draw a picture of, or worship their loveliness. Why!? I have no IDEA. A show that was made while I was a toddler about a group of "over-the-hill" women who refused to believe that age meant extinction has absolutely nothing to do with me. However, I cannot express the joy I get from seeing it, or the courage it gives me to be myself, or the hilarity that ensues with each episode. It truly remains one of the funniest and wittiest and most poignant television shows in all of history. And now Betty White is hosting SNL in May! How stellar.
For more information on The Golden Girls or any of the shows performers, please ask me. Frankly, I'm a little obsessed.

Juicy pear Jelly Belly
9: Juicy Pear Flavored Jelly Bellies
There has been no other perfected snack for me...except perhaps Chex Mix, and that is only because of The Lonely Island. I have a little glass box of them prominently displayed in my house--a snack that is also decor! What more could a 'mo ask for. And the kicker is that they REALLY taste like a genuine pear--you can taste the skin and everything. I love it.

Marina Diamond
8: Marina & The Diamonds
I discovered her recently in the form of her song "Hollywood" which takes a stab at the American tradition of celebrity worship which, coincidentally, turns out to be not so American as much as world-wide. I thought it was o.k....until I heard "Mowgli's Road" which gave me dancey shivers. Once I heard "Numb" and "Obsessions" (which made me fall to pieces and rebuild myself, respectively) I was kind of hooked. She proclaims that "[She] is Marina. You are the diamonds." How awesome. Check out her myspace page

Ghetto Weave!
7: The Fact That People Think I'm A Hairdresser
Absolutely. I mean, I have always dabbled in the protein arts, but it gets ridiculous sometimes. This weekend alone I have 2 appointments...kind of out of nowhere. I am known to have a regular client or two every year for haircuts and whatnot...nothing too dramatic. Unless you are talking about my number 6 on this list. I suppose it is a way for me to flex my hair dressing muscle. If I wasn't a designer, I would have probably gone into hair and cosmetics or something anyway.

Labertha Doll
6: Barbie Dolls
I f*cking love Barbie Dolls, particularly the seemingly discontinued My Scene Barbies. I dunno...I don't think it's so much a gay thing (lies) as much as it is a hair/fashion thing. Where did I get a blonde black Barbie you ask? Umm...her hair was another doll.
What!? Scalping one doll to perfect another does NOT make me morbid!
Anywho, I don't really play with them (lies) as much as I leave them naked around the house for guests to happen upon and be weirded out by. But oh, check this out!

Tyra banks
5: Tyra Banks Ending Her Talk Show
I heard that it was so that she could focus on Top Model, which will appear on this list in the future. Let's face it--Tyra is nutty and cookoo and a little ignorant most times. But that b*tch KNOWS MODELING. Top Model is one of the best things she has ever brought to this world, and I don't plan on missing a second of it! Coincidentally, I missed a few this week because I had NO IDEA Top Model was already starting back up! So yay! I may have to do a top model blog each week like I did a few seasons ago. It was hilarious.
Bottom line, Tyra had a successful talk show, she is a successful career woman, and as long as we don't have to listen to her try to tackle "today's issues," we are pretty much in love with her.
A side not--how GENIUS was this photo shoot!?

4: Glee!
Fox Network FINALLY did something right when they developed the insanely popular musical show Glee. People everywhere are calling themselves "Gleeks" bringing brand new meaning to the phrase "Man, that's gay." Shut up.
But seriously. The talent, story telling, musical ingenuity...all these things have made for an incredibly fun hour-long show each week (comes back April 13!) I have personally done my part to addict as many people as possible. And that maaaaaahvelous Lea Michelle is TOTALLY Baby Idina. A side note-How many cast members of Heroes are they going to bring to this show!? Hah!

RuPaul's Drag Race
3: RuPaul's Drag Race!
This is turning out to be the gayest list ever. But I cannot leave out this hilarious show. "Oooooh girl! You got a She-Mail!" Omg so funny. I didn't discover this show until last August, and watched the whole thing online.It was incredibly hilarious. Not only is RuPaul funny, talented, a GREAT host, and quite intelligent, but it barely phases me that we see him as both a male and a female. He is intriguing either way. It is campy, trashy, slutty, bitchy and wonderful entertainment. And it's syndicated! Meanwhile, if I ever woke up in the middle of the night to that CREEPY RuPaul laugh, I might slice my throat.

Cheddar Triscuits
They came and went like a thief in the night. I fell madly in love with these things, and after a couple of months they were no where to be found. I searched ALL over, and eventually, about a year later, bought a few boxes from an online source. What a delicious month that was. But I want to know what the hell happened! They were incredibly cheesy but healthier than some other snacks...and I like whole grain so I felt good eating them. *Sigh*...I guess I am back to Wheat Thins...

Will.I.Am1: Being Told I Look Like Will I. Am.
Sure he and Perez aren't the best of friends...but he has some of the coolest fashion sense for a "straight" guy...and I would love to emulate it. If I lived in a colder climate, I would totally wear scarves and gloves all the time.

Until next time kiddos!

Monday, February 15, 2010


We are all connected to each other. These connections come in many different forms. If we are lucky, those connections don't fade into oblivion. I am one of those people who appears to have lots of friends...acquaintances really. I suppose it is because I relate to a lot of different people. I love that...

These connections surprise us. Sometimes you connect to a person that is nothing like you, on the surface at least. Then you build a bridge, and you grow, and life continues in the way that it is supposed to.

It breaks my heart when these bridges become weak, or brittle. Sometimes they just need a bit of repair. Other times, they just need to be rebuilt entirely. Even still, some other times they but be destroyed completely. Today I had to burn some bridges. It makes me feel weak--like I couldn't keep them strong, or repair them fast enough. I know that it isn't my fault entirely, but it still hurts a little.

This bridge involved someone I used to love, and the person he loves now. My concern for this person's welfare is still present...but I cannot allow myself to give in to the ignorance of the situation they brought to me. So I deleted every connection to them, after I found that the friendship had been left to spoil for much too long. It SUCKS! Losing a friend in any way, for any reason, really sucks. I'm not the kind to give up easily. But, I grew we all do.

I guess I just want to say that this should not happen so frequently...I've been lucky enough that it hasn't. If someone is worth your love, your care, and your attention, then maybe that person is also worth the work it takes to maintain that bridge to them. No man is so rich as to throw a friend away. Lol. I love that quote, but I don't know who said it.

"...the people I've met are the wonders of my world.." - Adele


We got snow! In Natchitoches! It was a few days ago, but I took a few pics of my frivolity. It turned me into a 5 year old...and I have never had so much wonder in a day. I genuinely could not appreciate how beautiful this new world was to me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Control yourself. Take only what you need from it.

Nostalgia sneaks up on each of us, in various ways. In some manner or another, we each yearn for what has been and can no longer be. In the past couple of years, I have indulged in it quite blatantly. Today I received a package in the mail--a twin bed sheet set from the mid or late 80s. I became curious one day and just looked to see if I could actually find it--the pillow case I clung to as a child. I found one on eBay (no surprise) in GREAT condition! Better still, it was the entire sheet set, and very cheap. I opened the box as soon as I got home and was just...happy to see it again. Its a kid I loved the HELL out of whatever pillow was in that case...and I never realized that until I was much older.

This isn't the only time I have made purchases based on childhood possessions. I bought a Popple a few years ago--the exact same style of the one I had as a kid. It was my teddy bear--the one toy I actually remember dragging around with me when my head was hardly above the ground.

I don't know what it is...I'm only 25! I feel like my childhood was ages ago. I barely remember much of it. Though a lot of it was painful and my family was unlucky, I'm strong enough to face it now...which may explain why recently I have been remembering things I had forgotten. I remember all the things I never saw in real life as a kid (but have NOW!) which includes: a rubber ducky--actually IN the bath tub, a pig-shaped piggy bank, a tea kettle, a sewing machine...just like, random stuff that tv families had, but made no sense for MY family to have.

I plan to keep the sheet set I bought for my kid to use...whenever the hell that may be. 10-15 years from now? I think it would be...special.

I suppose a big part of being a kid is seeing the world how it really is...fresh, new, and confusing. How does one kid grow up completely pessimistic about his future, and another the polar opposite? I see kids today and I sometimes miss what the have. Children accept truths that we can't. It's kind of beautiful.

Now don't trip...I'm no Michael Jackson (God rest him) makes me feel lucky that I can relate to them somehow.

So...for what it is worth, don't be afraid to embrace a little more of your childhood. Maybe not by going out and buying items from your youth...but perhaps by remembering how goofy you were, or how scared...or how precious you actually were--perhaps that can change the way you feel about who you are right now. We were all given the same set of tools. Use them to build up whatever your heart wants.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brand New.

Hey folks. This is my initial blog for the 2010 calendar year. I've got a new site, and a new outlook. Well, it's really just a recycled outlook...but one I am trying dearly to hold on to.

I am calling my blog "We Are Golden" because I desperately want others to know how precious their existence is. I feel that anything I can do, or affect, while I am alive is an opportunity to become immortal. Everyone has that same capability. It just takes the better vision of someone from the outside to identify that sometimes. If you are familiar with the song by Mika, then you understand how very close to my personal mantra this song actually is. I am linking the video for all to see. It is so much life should be.

So...perpetually optimistic? Most times. It happens to be the case that I write most often when I am depressed, or feeling defeated. Then it is only a matter of time before I can pick myself back up and realize who I am, and who I need to be for others. I may have a tiny bit of a savior complex...but who doesn't want to be saved? Or helped...or encouraged? I was put here to do that...through my words, or my music, or my observations...or sometimes just through a hug. And I happily accept my duty.

I plan to blog no less than once a week--more often if time or motivation allows. Through these conversations with myself, you will get to know me...maybe even understand me a little. I want to share fun things with you...sad things...incredible things as well. And throughout this all I am hopeful that I will continue to challenge myself to stay away from the dark side...even if I need to take a peek every now and then to remember reality.

Until next time...