Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brand New.

Hey folks. This is my initial blog for the 2010 calendar year. I've got a new site, and a new outlook. Well, it's really just a recycled outlook...but one I am trying dearly to hold on to.

I am calling my blog "We Are Golden" because I desperately want others to know how precious their existence is. I feel that anything I can do, or affect, while I am alive is an opportunity to become immortal. Everyone has that same capability. It just takes the better vision of someone from the outside to identify that sometimes. If you are familiar with the song by Mika, then you understand how very close to my personal mantra this song actually is. I am linking the video for all to see. It is so much life should be.

So...perpetually optimistic? Most times. It happens to be the case that I write most often when I am depressed, or feeling defeated. Then it is only a matter of time before I can pick myself back up and realize who I am, and who I need to be for others. I may have a tiny bit of a savior complex...but who doesn't want to be saved? Or helped...or encouraged? I was put here to do that...through my words, or my music, or my observations...or sometimes just through a hug. And I happily accept my duty.

I plan to blog no less than once a week--more often if time or motivation allows. Through these conversations with myself, you will get to know me...maybe even understand me a little. I want to share fun things with you...sad things...incredible things as well. And throughout this all I am hopeful that I will continue to challenge myself to stay away from the dark side...even if I need to take a peek every now and then to remember reality.

Until next time...

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