Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DONT $%#^@*&! JUDGE ME!
It has been a very long while. Blogging regularly is difficult, to say the least. I thought that having some kind of structure (ie, the cupcakes) would give me some edge, and that I woudl have some constant motivsation. It totally worked for a while. But I digress. TONS has happened since last year. There are things that I will discuss in detail in specific posts to follow, but let's just pretend you are caught up now, okay? THE HUNGER GAMES! Sharon Needles won Drag Race (HORRAAAY!) Trey and I got engaged in December (super wooot!) I taught a class at LSMSA and it was AWESOME! I judged a preliminary Miss Louisiana pageant, a few art competitions, and even had my own exhibition! And a few other things. But I assure you, the entire time, I have been baking, painting, working, and sewing! See, look!

I have a lot of announcements to uh...announce soon, but I really felt the need to catch up with you all in order to get this blog jump started once again. I'm immersed in a lot of things right now, so I will go in order as I remember what they are!

1. Jem and the Holograms. I got Trey to start watching this with me once I realized it was on Netflix (the God inside the little box called Apple TV!) I mean seriously. It is one of the most amazingly awfully animated things ever in existence...and we get a LOT of laughs out of it. They BETTER make a live action film SOON. My casting picks? Ke$ha as Pizazz and definitely Nicki Minaj as one of the Misfits. Whatever.

2. HOB's True Blood, Season 5. Alcide.

3. ABC's Once Upon A Time. I loves this shows first season. Yeah, some of the graphics were a little cheesy and "cheap." Some of the writing was a little shaky as well. BUt for the most part, the concept and cast of this show really won me over. I could watch Ginnifer Goodwin in ANYTHING. She could be taking her daily multivitamin at the bathroom sink and I'd be like "She's so ethereal..." It is written by some of the writers of Lost, but you can only tell some of the time. I am hopeful for a more dynamic and bigger budget second season!

4. Lost (The Complete Series re-watch). I got Trey to watch ALL of Lost. Which meant I have watched it all again, in order. Even better the second time around!

5. Kishi Bashi, Ishi, Sara Bareilles' "Kaleidoscope Heart" and Norah Jones' "Little Broken Hearts". These musicians/albums are absolutely incredible. You must get them all. Tracks to look for? Kishi Bashi-"Machester", Ishi -"Exhale", Norah Jones-"Travelin' On", Sara Bareilles-"Breathe Again".

ANYWAY...Lot's of junk going on. I will tell you though, a lot of life has been going on. Between being creative and searching for the inspiration one needs in order to be creative, I have never been happier about what is happening and what is coming next in this life.

I'm currently making some graham crackers for NSU Art Camp (making s'mores tomorrow!) and I am following this recipe if you are interested. We will see how they come out. My bugaboo is sitting on the couch making some crazy thing with that plastic gimp, and I am putting the finishing touches on this beauty:

Tired...sore...and full of awesome love for life. More to come very soon!

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