Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Martha, Bitch! Vol. 2

Hey y'all! This week I attempted Martha's raspberry cheesecake recipe for my cupcakes. This particular cupcake doesn't call for any frosting, because the top of the cake is supposed to be sooo pretty (all red and white swirliness.)
Let me tell you all, this recipe gave me hell.

It's basically a mini cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, and a raspberry swirl. I had Greek food this past weekend, and I finally bought some Rose Water (my new favorite thing EVAAAR!). I added a tiny bit to my pureed raspberries...holy crap it was so awesome. Incredibly fragrant, and the flavors married wonderfully. Take that Martha! I jazzed up your recipe!

I also made her whipped cream frosting for these...just because I thought it would look and taste nice.

First, the recipe called for me to cook them "until set", or like, 22 minutes. I guess I didn't really know what "set" meant when I pulled them out, because it was a tad bit early. I put them in the fridge to cool for 4 hours. These instructions confused the HELL out of me--there is definitely a word missing in that part. It's's not like Martha has time to beat the living daylights out of EVERY person on her staff for ridiculous mistakes like typos and omissions!

Anywho, Trey and I figured that out, and came to the conclusion that the cakes needed to be baked for a bit longer. They were not firming up like they needed to. After a few more minutes in the oven, they got to the proper firmness, and then I cooled them again.

Ultimately, these guys were super rich and super dense, and though they tasted alright, I could have added a bit more of the raspberry to each one. Maybe I will try these again another day!

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